Dr Marnie Peterson

Snowdon Orator

Dr. Marnie L. Peterson is an expert in antibiotic resistance, antimicrobial stewardship, experimental therapeutics, and microbial pathogenesis with over 20 years of experience in the development of new therapeutics for infectious diseases. In 2016, she founded Extherid Biosciences to accelerate antinfective therapeutics through the preclinical phase and increase their clinical performance. Before establishing Extherid, Dr. Peterson was tenured faculty at the University of Minnesota, Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology from 2005 to 2016. At the University of Minnesota, she established a research program focused on the discovery and development of new drugs and technologies to treat and prevent infectious diseases supported by the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, foundations, and industrial partners. In 2014, she was selected as a Minnesota Business Magazine 2014 Leaders in Health Care Finalist.


She has published numerous research manuscripts, including the journal Nature. She also holds a significant patent portfolio for her discoveries, one of which served as the basis for the establishment of a clinical stage start-up company, Hennepin Life Sciences. She earned a Ph.D. in Infection from the University of Birmingham, Medical School, United Kingdom, and Pharm.D. and B.S. degrees from the University of Minnesota. Additionally, Dr. Peterson joined the University of Wyoming faculty as a Research Professor in 2016.