Professor Nancy Millis

Professor Nancy Millis


The Nancy Millis mentoring program was developed to ensure that a bequest to the society by Professor Millis was used in a way that would have met with her approval. In the early part of her career, before her time was taken up with numerous consultations and committees, Professor Millis devoted a lot of her time to students, both in the lecture theatre and in the practical laboratory. She always showed intense interest in their work and encouraged them to keep asking questions, both of themselves and others. She was both honest and direct in her manner and greatly respected by all who worked with her.

The mentoring program, which is now an integral part of our annual scientific meeting, has three components. The first is an informal breakfast with both overseas and local speakers. The second is a lunchtime session which can take different forms and is intended to give students the opportunity to meet each other and learn something that will be useful to them in their career. The third component is a relaxed social function at night, providing a time for conversations and discussions about life, the lab and anything else of mutual interest.

Participation in the program is free and open to all students attending the meeting. It is supported by the Millis bequest, the society and the branch organising the conference.